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What to do on My Kidslife?

Managing your own file, how convenient! That way, you avoid unnecessary waiting or phone calls.

On MyKidsLife, you can see the amounts you receive.

And you can also:

Read your mail

You can find the letters KidsLife sends you under the Documents section on your customer portal. Everything in one place, that's convenient!

(Some things, such as registered letters, are still required by law to be sent by post).

Yes, I want to become a 100% digital customer!
  • easily download a certificate for the social assistance (OCMW-CPAS), a lawyer, the train (NMBS-SNCB), a premium application, alimony, etc.
  • upload documents you need to provide to us (e.g. to prove continued studies after the age of 18 of your child)
Apply for the Maternity Allowance

... for your newborn child. Congratulations!

Add a child to your family

... If you form a blended family.

Change your e-mail address or phone number
Change your bank account number

Submit your request to change your bank account number and your KidsLife advisor will update your file.

Why choosing for 100% digital?

Quick and easy

Quick and easy

No waiting, consult your documents straight away.

Good for the planet

Good for the planet

Less paper, less transport, less C02... you're contributing to a greener planet.

Always available

Always available

On computer or smartphone, all your documents are available. No more danger to loose them!

How do I access my customer Portal?

How do I access my customer Portal?

You can access your My KidsLife by means of your e-ID or your Itsme account.

Don't have a Belgian ID?

Create an account as a foreign user.

Only if you receive your Child Benefit (or Growth Package in Flanders) from KidsLife can you log in to MyKidsLife.

Get all your official documents in 1 place?

Then activate your eBox. After that, you will also receive messages from KidsLife there.

Learn more about eBox

Frequently asked questions

Itsme is a free smartphone app that provides you with a digital ID. You can use it to log in to your personal Growth Package portal securely. You can create an account on itsme’s website. 

Use itsme to login on My KidsLife


Want to receive all documents and correspondence from KidsLife electronically? No problem! You can retrieve all your documents on My KidsLife (your online Child Benefit and Growth Package file) via eBox. 
Still receiving paper correspondence from KidsLife? Then register on eBox today and receive everything electronically in the future. 

Are you already registered (once) on eBox? Then you receive all documents and correspondence electronically from the moment of registration. You can choose to be notified via eBox whenever a new document is available. 
View all documents in your eBox via My KidsLife here. 

eBox is convenient and easy to use. All you need to do is register once to activate your eBox. You’ll receive the documents for all affiliated services in your eBox following registration. You can see which government agencies provide their documents via eBox on the eBox website
The KidsLife Child Benefit Fund also provides all documents and correspondence via eBox. This means that by registering on eBox, you will automatically receive everything in your eBox. Handy, right? 

My KidsLife

As a parent of KidsLife, you can now register on eBox via My KidsLife. You’ll receive all documents and correspondence electronically from your date of registration. Each eBox is unique and linked to your personal profile with a secure identification procedure. This means that no-one else can access your eBox.
Both parents in each family must register separately on eBox. This ensures that all documents and correspondence from KidsLife are available electronically. 


View eBox documents via My KidsLife