Bevallen, hoeveel kost dat nu?

What are the costs associated with giving birth?

Pregnant with your first child? Congratulations! You likely have lots of questions: such as where you'd prefer to have your baby, the type of room or type of delivery. It's also sensible to consider the potential costs associated with your birth plan.

What costs can you expect?

Having a baby costs money. The bills can seriously add up. Fortunately, you needn't pay for everything yourself. The following factors will influence the cost of your delivery:

  • How and where you prefer to give birth. In hospital or at home? The hospital will charge you for each day and night of your stay. On average, new mums spend three nights in hospital. If you choose to have your baby at home, then you obviously won't need to pay for hospital accommodation, but you will have to pay for the midwife or doctor who assists with your delivery. Your health insurance fund will reimburse all of the basic costs.
  • Your medical condition or requirements. Do you require additional examinations or medication? An 'epidural' anaesthetic will also incur additional costs.
  • The type of room that you choose. If you plan to give birth at the hospital, then you can choose from a single or multiple-occupancy room. If you opt for a single room, then the hospital will charge a room supplement and, in most cases, service fees as well. If you request an epidural, for example, then you'll pay approximately 200 euros extra in a single room, which can rise to as much as 400 euros at weekends or at night. There are no additional charges in multiple-occupancy rooms.
  • The type of delivery. Planning to have a natural delivery or a Caesarean section? New mums spend an average of five nights in hospital following a Caesarean section. It therefore costs inherently more than a natural delivery. Other than that, though, there's no real difference in cost. Even underwater births, for example, don’t incur any additional costs.
  • The health insurance fund with which you're affiliated. Each health insurance fund determines its own contributions for certain medical costs. It's therefore best to compare the different reimbursement packages that the various health insurance funds offer.
  • The type of insurance you have. If you choose to have your baby in hospital, then you'll pay for your admission. Your health insurance fund will settle a large portion of the bill directly with the hospital. You'll subsequently receive an 'additional bill' that you need to pay yourself. If you took out hospitalisation insurance before you got pregnant, then you can also claim back the majority of these additional costs.
  • The hospital in which you give birth. Hospital accommodation costs vary widely. The hospital’s location has a big influence on price. It's best to consult with your doctor or hospital before making your birth plan.

You'll typically receive the hospital bill a few months following your delivery. This will contain a detailed overview of all costs.

Welke kosten moet je zelf betalen van de bevalling?

Do you have to pay all of this yourself?

If you have hospitalisation insurance, then you’ll pay almost nothing yourself. Which is good to know! What and how much is reimbursed depends on your insurer and the type of insurance that you choose.

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Already taken out hospitalisation insurance? It’s best to arrange this before you get pregnant, as the average waiting time is 9 months. If you take out hospitalisation insurance at a later point in time, then you won’t be refunded the same amount. Don’t forget to notify your health insurer following the birth and ask them to add your new baby to your policy. You can typically do this up to a month after delivery.

Melanie Vandeput is the proud mum of two-year-old Leon. She also gave birth to daughter Babette four months ago. “For the birth of my daughter, I stayed in a single room for three nights. The delivery was performed by Caesarean section. And that costs a lot of money, as I was shocked to discover. Fortunately, everything was reimbursed: the CM refunded the majority of it and the remaining amount was covered by my hospitalisation insurance. Which avoided a considerable financial headache. We were also highly appreciative of the CM's newborn baby gift and birth premium, which provided a welcome financial boost for both our children!”

Did you know that you automatically receive a maternity allowance or birth premium upon the birth of your baby?

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