Groeipakket - Child Benefit

Groeipakket: the new Child Benefit in Flanders

All children in Flanders are entitled to a Groeipakket. With KidsLife, you can be certain that your Child Benefit or Child Allowance is paid on time, every time, in the form of the new Groeipakket. And we shall also help you to obtain all the other benefits to which your child is entitled.
What is the Groeipakket?

What is the Groeipakket?

The Groeipakket is the collective name for various benefits and allowances for your child:

  • Startbedrag, the former maternity allowance: one-off benefit of 1214,49 euros for each child that is born in Flanders.
  • Basic amount: A fixed monthly amount. The amount depends on the date of birth and the family situation.
  • Participation allowances: collective name for the Childcare Allowance, Toddler Allowance and School Allowance
  • Social allowances: additional monthly allowance for low-income families.
  • School bonus: annual allowance in August for each child.
  • Care allowances: monthly allowances adapted to the situation of your child. This may concern the orphan's allowance, allowance for children with a disability or a foster care allowance.

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Everything you need to know about the Groeipakket in Flanders

Everything you need to know about the Groeipakket in Flanders

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Payment of the Groeipakket

You will always receive the basic amount, supplemented with any healthcare allowances and social allowances, on the 8th of the month at the latest.

You will receive the Startbedrag and the various participation allowances in the meantime.

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Groeipakket amounts

The monthly basic amount is [custom:vl_basic amount] euros for each child born from 01/01/2019. In most situations, children born before 2019 will continue to receive the same monthly amount as before.Here the youngest child receives [custom:vl_basic amount_r1] euros, the 2nd youngest child [custom:vl_basic amount_r2] Euro and the oldest children [custom:vl_basic amount_r3] euros.

You may also be entitled to additional allowances. You can find all the different options here.

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Specific situations

Specific situations

Are you in a specific situation? Or is there a change in the family situation? This may affect your Groeipakket. View the different situations here.

Different situations in your family

Specific situations for your child

Frequently asked questions

Child Benefit is always paid on the 8th of each month. If the 8th falls on a weekend, then we will pay it on the last working day prior to that weekend. Please check our payment calendar for the various payment dates. 

The maximum age for Child Benefit and Growth Package entitlement is 25 years. From the age of 18 upwards, you must satisfy certain criteria in order to retain your Child Benefit and Growth Package entitlement. No regular or automatic substitute applies once your entitlement to Child Benefit has ceased. If your child was entitled to a Care Allowance due to a specific support requirement, then they may be entitled to a Disability Allowance once their Child Benefit entitlement has ceased.  Please note that this is not an automatic entitlement. It must be requested and the application subsequently investigated.

Grandparents can receive Child Benefit for their grandchildren if they are registered at their address. This is on the condition that the parents are not registered at this same address.

The maximum Growth Package and Child Benefit entitlement is up to and including the month of your 25th birthday. The final payment will therefore take place at the beginning of the month following your 25th birthday. Please note that from the age of 18 upwards you must satisfy a number of criteria in order to retain your Child Benefit entitlement.

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