What to do after my baby is born?

Congratulations on the birth of your little one! Enjoy those first precious moments. You will probably have quite a lot of tasks on your to-do list, such as sending out birth announcements, etc. We’ve prepared a handy checklist to prevent you from forgetting anything.
How can I receive my Startbedrag (Vlaanderen) or Maternity Allowance (Brussels/Wallonia)?

How can I receive my Startbedrag (Vlaanderen) or Maternity Allowance (Brussels/Wallonia)?

Every newborn child is entitled to Child Benefit (Brussels/Wallonia) or Groeipakket (Flanders). This consists of two fixed amounts: the one-off Maternity Allowance (Brussels/Wallonia) or Startbedrag (Flanders) and the basic monthly amount. Depending on your circumstances, you may be entitled to supplementary premiums and allowances.

  • If you live in Flanders, you are entitled to a Startbedrag of 1214,49 euros per birth. This replaces the former Maternity Allowance or Birth Premium.
  • If you live in Brussels, you are entitled to the Maternity Allowance per birth. If it is the father’s (or co-parent’s) and/or mother’s first child, then you are entitled to 1314,61 euros. If it is not the father’s (or co-parent’s) and/or mother’s first child, then you are entitled to a Maternity Allowance of 597,55 euros.
  • If you live in Wallonia, you will receive a Maternity Allowance of 1.314,61 euros per birth.

Everything you need to know about The Startbedrag in Flanders

Haven't received your Startbedrag before the birth?

You can also apply after your baby has been born. You will quickly receive the payout. 


Apply for Startbedrag here

Have you already received the Startbedrag?

Then you will automatically receive the Groeipakket. You no longer need to apply for this. KidsLife automatically pays what you are entitled to. Would you like to know how much you will receive monthly? Use our handy simulation here. 

Calculate your amount 

Affordable happiness from KidsLife

We certainly don't need to tell you that having a baby is expensive! KidsLife likes to lend a helping hand!  With the Startbedrag and the monthly Groeipakket in Flanders!
And there are many more benefits for you and your family that you probably don’t even know about! Fortunately, our Affordable Happiness page is packed with handy budgeting tips for families with children. These will help to ensure that you never miss out on any benefits.

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Everything you want to know after birth

Everything you want to know after birth

When can you request the Startbedrag?

You don't have to wait for the baby to be born: you can apply for it during pregnancy. You will then receive the Startbedrag 2 months prior to your due date. Forgot to request the Startbedrag prior to the birth? No problem: you can also request the Startbedrag after the birth.

Do I have to apply for my Groeipakket or Child Benefit?

Already applied for a Startbedrag (Flanders) or Maternity Allowance (Brussels/Wallonia)? Then you needn’t apply for the Groeipakket (Flanders) or Child Benefit (Brussels/Wallonia). You will automatically receive the monthly payments upon the birth of your child.

  • Live in Flanders? Then you are entitled to the Groeipakket from the month of your baby’s birth.
  • Live in Brussels or Wallonia? Then you will receive your Child Benefit from the month following your baby’s birth.

Keen to know when to expect your first payment?

Then view our handy payment calendar

 Checklist: what do you need to arrange following the birth of your little one?

 Checklist: what do you need to arrange following the birth of your little one?

Congratulations mum and dad! The new addition to your family will make your happiness complete. But don’t forget to take care of the necessary administrative matters before (sleepless nights aside) enjoying your parenthood in peace.

  • Register the birth in the Civil Registry

One of the parents or a person who was present at the birth must register the child in the Civil Registry of the city or municipality where the child was born within 15 days of their birth. This also involves registering your little one’s surname.

Be prepared and make sure that you have the following documents in your possession:

  • mum and dad’s identity cards
  • your baby’s birth certificate
  • the ‘proof of birth’ declaration
  • if you’re married: your marriage certificate
  • if you’re not married: a copy of the paternity declaration (unless the child has not yet been officially recognised by the father or co-parent)
  • Notify your Child Benefit fund

Already received your Startbedrag (Flanders) or Maternity Allowance (Brussels/Wallonia) from KidsLife? Then sit back and relax: you needn’t do another thing. We will automatically ensure that you receive your Groeipakket (in Flanders) or Child Benefit (in Brussels and Wallonia) payments.

Not yet received the Startbedrag or Maternity Allowance (and thus have not yet applied for it)? Request it now and allow us to do the rest.

  • Notify your health insurance provider

Notify your health insurance provider of your child’s birth - even if they’re automatically notified via the Central Database following registration in the Civil Registry. This enables them to make the necessary health insurance arrangements.

Send them an extract of the birth certificate - you’ll receive this once your son or daughter has been registered with the municipal authority. Your health insurance provider will subsequently register your child as a dependent. Shortly afterwards, you’ll receive your yellow stickers and an ISI card in the name of your little one.

You are also entitled to a birth gift from your health insurance fund upon the birth of your child. View the birth gift from CM (in Flanders and Brussels) or La Mutalité Neutre (in Wallonia) here.

  • Notify your employer

Don’t forget to inform your employer of the good news. The mother’s partner can also request 15 days of paternity leave (or birth leave).

Self-employed? Be sure to inform your social insurance fund about your baby’s birth!

Inform you childcare facility about the birth

You should also notify your chosen childcare facility about the birth of your baby. That way you can together decide on the ideal starting date for your little one. You can also check whether your crèche provides open days. These help to make the switch to a new environment a little bit easier for both you and your child.

Not yet arranged childcare for your little one? Then view our tips on affordable childcare.

Do you need to notify your insurance provider?

Most insurance policies, such as family insurance, don’t require you to inform the provider about the birth of your baby. With most family insurance policies, the family is automatically insured.

If you have hospitalisation insurance, then it is advisable to inform the insurance provider about your baby’s birth. That way you can immediately insure your little one and avoid excessive hospitalisation costs.

  • Maternity Care can begin

Planning to make use of Maternity Care? Then inform the Maternity Care service about the birth of your child. That way they can start providing assistance.

Not yet applied for Maternity Care and want to learn more about it?
Read everything you need to know about Maternity Care here.

Parental leave: enjoy spending more quality time with your child

Your little one will be attending pre-school before you know it. And by the time you begin dropping your son or daughter off at secondary school, you’ll be wondering where the time went. They grow up so quickly! Want to enjoy your little one’s childhood to the maximum, or are you having difficulty finding a suitable childcare facility? Mums and dads are eligible for parental leave.

Parental leave can be taken in 1 go, or spread over various periods. As long as you take it prior to your child’s 12th birthday.

Read everything you need to know about parental leave here

Moving to Belgium: what administrative steps?

Moving to Belgium: what administrative steps?

You could probably do with a quick guide to help you get to organise what has to be done for your arrival in Belgium. We have drawn up a list of all the administrative formalities. And as a bonus, some tips to help you settle into life in Belgium. Follow us!
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Bilateral Agreements

Bilateral Agreements

Do your children live in a foreign country? There may be a bilateral agreement on the payment of Child Benefit between that country and Belgium. KidsLife explains!
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My Child Benefits have increased?

My Child Benefits have increased?

Your Child Benefits can be increased due to an indexation or certain supplement. KidsLife will explain everything.
Have your Child Benefits been increased?

Want to receive your Groeipakket (Flanders) of Child Benefit (Brussels/Wallonia) payments from KidsLife? Submit your application quickly and easily online! We will ensure that you never miss out on any benefits!


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