My Child Benefits have increased. Why?

Have your Child Benefits been increased? Excellent! But you might be wondering how this came about. The increase can have several causes. It could be due to an indexation. It could also be that you are suddenly entitled to a certain supplement. Has your financial or family situation changed recently? That may affect the amount you receive. KidsLife will explain it to you.
An increase due to an indexation

An increase due to an indexation

Your Child Benefits have increased. One of the reasons for this is indexation. In other words, the amount of your child benefit has been adjusted according to the increase in consumer prices.

In Brussels and Wallonia, the indexation of child benefits is automatically linked to the pivot index. The last indexation happened on the 1st of december 2022. The Child Benefits saw an increase of 2%.

In Flanders, the indexation of the Growth Package is decided by the Flemish Government. In September 2022 and December 2022, the amount of the Growth Package in Flanders was increased by 1% each time.

The next indexation in Flanders will be on 1 September 2023. The Growth Package from September 2023 will therefore be higher. You will receive the higher amount for the first time early October. 

You don't have to do anything to benefit from the indexation of the Child Benefit amounts. Everything happens automatically.

Note: Just like your salary, the Child Benefits are paid for the previous month. For example, you will receive December's Child Benefits on 8 January. So you will not notice the increase due to the indexation from December 2022 until the payment at the beginning of January 2023.

You can always check the amount you will receive on My KidsLife or use our handy calculation tool.

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An increase through entitlement to an additional allowance

An increase through entitlement to an additional allowance

If it is not an indexation, your Child Benefits may also increase because you are now entitled to an additional allowances on top of the Child Benefits. Your total amount increased because an extra amount was added. 

You may be entitled to an additional allowance because your financial or family situation has changed. Check out the different types of allowances here. The conditions and amounts and even the sorts of additional allowance differ per region.

In case of an indexation, you will be informed through the media. Then KidsLife will no longer send an extra confirmation. However, as soon as you are entitled to an allowance, you will always receive a confirmation from KidsLife.

What type of additional allowances are there?

You can get a supplement based on your financial and family situation. These apply to all your children. There are also child-related supplements. Tailored to your child's specific situation. 

1. Social Allowance on top of Child Benefit 

The social supplement is calculated based on your family income and family size. If your family income falls within certain limits, you may be entitled to a supplement. The specific conditions and amounts differ in Belgium by region.

Check the Social Allowance in Flanders
Check the Social Allowance in Brussels
Check the Social Allowance in Wallonia

Do you have to apply for the social supplement yourself? No, because each region automatically receives your income details. Via your tax return that we receive from the FPS Finances. Handy, isn't it? That way we immediately know whether your income is above or below the allowed limit. View your region's limit amounts here.

Before 1/1/2019 in Flanders and before 1/1/2020 in Brussels and Wallonia, an age supplement was paid for your children. Your eldest child is always only entitled to a halved age supplement. If you are entitled to a social allowance however, the full age supplement will be paid for your eldest child.

2. The child-related allowances

  • Care allowance for children with specific support needs
    Some families could use a bit of extra help. For example, if a child is sick for a long period or needs extra support because of a mental or physical disability. A Care Allowance exists to make such care a little easier financially.
  • Orphan’s allowance:
    Children who lose one or both parents receive additional support. They are entitled to an orphan’s allowance (previously known as the care allowance for orphans), providing they are entitled to a Child Benefit or the Growth Package.
  • Foster care allowance:
    Children who are placed with a foster family may be entitled to a monthly allowance
  • Monthly age supplement:
    Was your child born before 2020 (Brussels and Wallonia) or before 2019 (Flanders) and have you received a small increase in your child benefit? If there has been no indexation and no other (income-related) additional allowance, then your child has probably turned 6, 12 or 18 recently. Your child is then entitled to the monthly age supplement (starting from the age of 6) or to an increase in this supplement.

Only in Flanders:

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