I’m pregnant: how can I ensure that I won’t miss out on any benefits?

You’re pregnant! Congratulations! Perhaps you already have children and know what to expect? Or perhaps this is your first baby? One thing’s for sure: you’ve got 9 emotionally-charged months ahead of you. KidsLife is happy to assist you throughout your journey.

I’m 1 - 6 weeks pregnant: what should I start thinking about, even at this early stage?

Did your pregnancy test display two lines or a plus (+) symbol? Then congratulations - you’re pregnant! Are you experiencing fleeting moments of panic or rather feelings of euphoria? Many choose to keep their pregnancy secret at this stage.

Regardless of what you and your partner decide, you should start making arrangements to ensure that your pregnancy is as worry-free as possible.

What can you do during the early stages of your pregnancy?

  • Taking folic acid or extra vitamins is normally recommended. Your family doctor will be happy to provide you with more information.
  • Make an appointment with your gynaecologist. Your gynaecologist can answer any medical questions related to your pregnancy. They can also provide welcome reassurance about the progression of your pregnancy.
  • Start looking for a suitable Childcare provider: yes, we know it's early days! But you need to be quick to reserve your place. Read how to find affordable Childcare.
  • Check your hospitalisation insurance! And whether your policy includes this cover at all. The cost of giving birth without hospitalisation insurance can be high. And arranging such insurance can be a lengthy process.

What should I arrange between the 7th and 12th week of my pregnancy?

By now, you’ve likely immersed yourself in the wonderful world of pregnancy! Busy thinking up baby names or decorating your baby's nursery? By the end of this period you’ll be 3 months pregnant. At this point many parents-to-be decide to announce the pregnancy to family and friends. However this is entirely up to you!

What should you arrange during your 2nd and 3rd months of pregnancy?

  • Not yet started your search for suitable Childcare? Then we recommend doing so without further delay. Childcare typically takes a big chunk from your family budget. Our tips will help you get started.
  • You can take a Nip test from your 12th week of pregnancy. Read here all you need to know about the NIPT or Nip test.
  • Are the mum and dad-to-be (yes, get used to your new name) not married?  Then you can apply for a birth certificate from your municipality’s population service.
  • It’s best to notify your employer about your pregnancy as soon as possible. You can do this up to 7 weeks prior to your expected delivery date. Always provide written proof of your pregnancy. That way your employer can make the necessary arrangements with the Social Office.
    You’ll automatically receive maternity cover as soon as you notify your employer about your pregnancy. Amongst other things, maternity cover protects you from dismissal due to pregnancy.

I’m 13 to 20 weeks pregnant: how can I ensure that I don't miss out on any benefits?

Congratulations - you’re almost halfway through your pregnancy. The months are certainly whizzing by! Don't panic! You’ve still got enough time to make the necessary arrangements and ensure that you don't miss out on any benefits.

What's on my to-do list?

Do you no longer want to miss out on any financial benefits? Then apply for your Startbedrag (Flanders) or Maternity Fee (Brussels) at KidsLife!

Apply now!

I’m 21 to 28 weeks pregnant: what should I arrange?

Your due date is fast approaching! This is the ideal time to start thinking about what arrangements to make for the period immediately after your baby is born. You can take a variety of different types of leave (including maternity and paternity leave) following the birth of your baby.
Purchasing the necessary baby equipment can be a serious drain on your bank account. Fortunately, we’ve also got a number of money-saving tips when it comes to purchasing baby equipment.

What should I arrange midway through my pregnancy? 

I’m 30 to 40 weeks pregnant: what should I arrange?

You’re on the home straight! How time flies! Nursery? Check! Name? Check! Suitcase packed for the hospital? Check!

But there might still be some things that you haven’t considered. We’ve listed these here for your convenience. 

What should I do prior to my delivery?

A baby on the way? Don't miss anything with our tips!

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